Is your property electrically safe?

London electricians

Regular checking of the condition of the electrics in your property in London is as important as getting an MOT carried out on your car.  Whilst electrical safety inspections are well known within the rental sector, many home and business owners have not actually heard of them or understand the need to have one.

Regardless of whether or not you have heard of them, there remains confusion over what they actually entail.  The primary reason for having an electrical inspection carried out is to understand what condition your electrics are currently in and if they are dangerous.

What types of electrical inspections are available?

Again, similar to your car, you have a basic MOT available or you can opt for a more comprehensive service.  Electrical inspections are similar in that you can choose to have a visual inspection done which is known as a VCR (Visual Check Report) or an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report.)

There is quite a difference between the two.  As the name suggests, the VCR is a visual inspection made of the essential electrical fittings in your property such as your fusebox, sockets, switches and earthing.  A qualified and registered electrician must carry out this visual check to ensure that everything appears as it should be and there are no obvious dangers present.

An EICR is a more in depth electrical condition report.  Again a qualified and registered electrician will carry out in depth checking and testing of your electrics.  This can take a while depending on the type of property.  The report outcome will be either satisfactory or unsatisfactory.  The electrician will discuss with you any recommendations to make your electrics safer.  Some electrical work will be optional in that it is safe but could be made safer other work may be urgent as it could present an immediate electrical danger to you, your family or staff.

How often should I have electrical testing carried out?

This depends on what your property is used for.  If you are the home owner and live in the property, electrical testing is recommended at least once every 10 years. However if you have carried out DIY electrical work since the last test or feel your electrics are dangerous, then as an electrician in Wandsworth I would recommend you have an electrical test carried out before the 10 years is up.

If you are a landlord then electrical testing is every 5 years or with every change of tenancy.  It is important as a landlord you demonstrate how you are meeting the electrical safety of your tenants.  Electrical testing is the most straight forward way of achieving this.

There are always lots of questions around electrical testing in homes and businesses in London, but let me assure you, they are designed with your safety in mind.  You can contact me and I am always happy to speak with you more about what is involved and will hopefully answer any questions you have.

Contact me, your local London electrician today to ensure your property stays electrically safe now and in the future.