How to check your plugs are safe

How to check your plugs are safe

It’s a always a good idea to regularly check the plugs and plug wires around your home. Plugs and their cables can be damaged with use over time. To help keep you and your family safe around the home I have put together some top tips on how to check the common, square-pin 13-amp plug used in all modern appliances such as hairdryers, vacuum cleaners and microwaves.

With the plug removed from the socket, check the cable:

  • Is the cable securely attached to the appliance and the plug?
  • Is the cable cut, nicked or damaged in any way?
  • There should be no joints and no repairs with insulating tape.

Then, check the plug:

  • Look for cracks or damage on the casing.
  • Look for signs of overheating, such as discoloured casing or cable.
  • Check the plug meets British Standard BS 1363 – it will be marked on the back.
  • Check that the plug cable is firmly clamped into the plug and no coloured plug wires are showing.