How to check your plugs are safe

It’s a always a good idea to regularly check the plugs and plug wires around your home. Plugs and their cables can be damaged with use over time. To help keep you and your family safe around the home I have put together some top tips on how to check the common, square-pin 13-amp plug used in all modern appliances such as hairdryers, vacuum cleaners and microwaves.

Electrical Rewire Services

Are you in the process of having an extension or renovating your home? Is your business struggling with bad lighting or not enough sockets? Has the wiring seen better days? With a mirad of experience you can rely on the NICEIC approved contractors at Capital Rewire to undertake the rewiring work required for your home or business premises.

Don't overload your sockets this Christmas!

Christmas is the time of year when electrical call outs increase for us Electricians. There are a number of reasons why this time of year is more common for electrical faults. A lot of the time I find that because of the extended time off work, homeowners tend to use this time to do a bit of DIY. Planning on replacing that light fitting in the lounge that you have been meaning to do for ages?!

Height of Sockets and Switches in London New Builds

Part M of the building regulations help with guidance on the recommended height of Switches and Sockets for new buildings to help with access and should be located so that they are easily reachable. The regulation also suggests that in habitable rooms this will be achieved by mounting the switches, sockets etc between 45cm (bottom of socket height) and 1200mm (top of switch height) above the floor level. Unless the dwelling is specifically designed for a person with limited reach, these requirements do not apply in garages and kitchens.